Fight Against Child Punishment And Runaways

The Physical and psychological punishment to children is number one problem of Nepalese family and schools today. Most of the parents think that punishment is only the way to teach discipline to their children. It is being a major cause of runaway from home and be the street children or child labor in the cities. It is necessary to have a runaway’s prevention program in Nepal. Counseling and family reintegretation are main components.

Teachers also use punishment to control student’s behavior in classroom and hence, it is destroying healthy feelings, self-confidence, initiatives and integrity of the students. Most of school teachers have no solid ideas about positive disciplinary techniques as the alternatives of punishment. It is being significant factor of truancy. FNV manages trainings on Alternatives of Corporal Punishment for teachers and guardians.

Training Topics

  • Practical Methods of Positive Handling
  • Positive Parenting
  • Democratic Discipline technique
  • Value Education Training
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