Women’s Initiative For Better Livelihood

Population of Nepal as of census day, June 22, 2011 stands at 26.6 millions. Tarai (southern plain area) constitutes 50.15 percent of Population while hill constitutes 43.1 percent and mountain 6.75 percent. Sex ratio is estimated to be 94.41 (male per hundred female). Absent population of Nepal is recorded as 1.92 millions. Out of total Population, 83 percent reside in rural areas. Although figures have decreased slightly over the last decade, 77.8 percent of females in rural areas and 59.7 percent of males are employed in the agricultural sector.

Census 2011 shows that still 25.4 % of population is under poverty line. About 20% population has income less than US$ 1 per day. Most of them are from rural places. Daily life of almost all of the villagers is connected to agricultural works. The families without adult male have suffered more than others.

Recent survey (2011) showed that female population of Nepal is 3% more than male population. It is due to the resultant force of paternal society and awareness of family planning. Some couples give birth to more daughters expecting a son.

Many male adults in Nepal are in foreign countries or in city areas for the employment. In most families, women are handling daily problems of the family.  Recent census shows 2 million adults (mainly males) are in foreign employment. Women do agricultural works in villages. In this context, FNV has designed community based program that runs totally through women’s leadership to achieve Millennium Development Goal of Nepal.

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