Health & Environment Program At Bicharichautara VDC Syangja

Bicharichautara is a remote VDC located 245 KM west from Kathmandu. It is hilly area. Most of the villagers are farmer and they have two or more cattle. They had no household latrine mostly. They were in the need of improvement for Health, Nutrition, Household Sanitation and Environment. The major caste groups residing in the project sites are Damai, Kami, Sarki, Chhetri, Gurung and Brahmin. Almost half of the population belongs to the lower castes (so called untouchables).

During the project period, FNV constructed sixty-five latrines, thirty biogas plants and conducted forty-two health awareness campaigns (seminar, workshop, demonstration). Twenty-nine latrines were constructed joining with the biogas plant digester tank. The economically poor, discriminated, single living women were focused group of the program. The local government and the committee of local people assisted FNV to select and reach with target group. Five latrines were made in five different schools and one was for health post and VDC office.

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