Friends of Nepali Villages (FNV) is a non-government organization registered under the Association Registration Act of 2034. It is a non-profit, non-political social welfare organization established at B.S. 2059 (2003 A.D.) with the following goals and objectives: 

The principal goal of FNV is to empower the people to achieve their own socio-economic development with the focus on rural areas. The following are specific objectives:

  • To uplift backward communities by awareness, income generation, capacity building and welfare programs.
  • To conduct trainings and activities for educational development and to help infrastructure development of rural schools.
  • To conduct programs those enhance health quality, environment and sanitation.
  • To implement program related to agriculture, livestock, forestry and help to alleviate poverty.
  • To promote local technology and its market.
  • To support development of local transportation and communication.
  • To work for enhancing local heritage of Nepal.
  • To perform activities to support needy, discriminated, underprivileged, disable, women and children.
  • To promote computer technology in remote villages.
To adopt community based strategy while implementing program.
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