Computer Training Program

The Computer Training Program is one of the major activities of FNV. Most deprived youths of Nepal are lacking from basic knowledge of computer. The computer skill is much required at present life to search any kind of jobs for everyone. Basic computer-training program has been established with the following objectives.

  • Provide the free basic computer training to needy people and make them able to do job oriented computer work.
  • Produce skilled manpower in the field of computer technology.
  • Make trainees able to use their computer skill for their economic growth.

The project in different locations already trained more than 1500 trainees along with 30 eyes disabled and it is still continuing at Pumdi-bhumdi. FNV seeks support from valuable donors to train more needy young women and men.

Community School Construction

FNV supported physical infrastructure development of four different government schools at Syangja district. Shree Saraswati Elementary School (10 rooms), Shree Ranithumka Secondary School (6 rooms), Shree Andha-andhi Secondary School (3 rooms, land), and Shree Deurali Primary School (3 rooms, land) are the supported schools. FNV also helped for library and furniture setup.  FNV aims to support more community schools those lacking physical infrastructures. The government and local people have highly appreciated FNV and NDA for these contributions.

School Support Program

Most of the community schools of rural Nepal are lacking furniture, library and teaching materials. Still, 90% of schools have no computer education, and it seems most necessary. Raising the fund from various organizations and individuals, FNV has supported materials to various schools. It has also managed stationeries and dresses support to the school children who are facing hardship in study. We welcome the people who want to support disadvantaged remote schools and its students who are needy.

FNV is supporting stationeries and dress support to needy, and discriminated school girls and boys who are studying at schools of remote villages of Nepal. The project is continuous.  Any individual donor who wants to support children at any area of Nepal can contact with us.

Women Empowerment Program

Gender discrimination is a major social problem of Nepal. Women are dominated in the society and they are always backward in every sector. Many conservative parents of rural Nepal still do not feel the need of education to daughters. Many young women are illiterate. They are in the need of any kind of income generating works. Realizing these facts FNV is helping to empower women through various supports on cash crops farming, co-operatives, dressmaking, agriculture-based cottage industries, computer and other useful vocational trainings. FNV realizes the need of women’s initiative and leadership in implementation of any projects. Without women’s active participation and equal opportunity achieving Millennium Development Goal is impossible.


Aamaghar Pathsala

After many studies, FNV decided to start Aamaghar Pathashala project at village; Pumdi-Bhumdi-5 Kaski, nearly 10 KM west from main city of Pokhara to support needy children and address quality education at that area. Now, it is providing high quality pre-school education since 2012.
Supports have targeted to the children who are orphan, victims of armed conflict, in risk of trafficking, origins with poverty and untouchable family. Situation of children from the untouchable and underprivileged families is in anarchy. They often have no parents and if they do, these parents simply cannot afford to let their children go to school. They come into contact with alcohol, drugs, (sexual) violence and child traffickers and lacking their rights to grow up in an environment of love, respect and security. FNV is working now to manage own children home for the children who needed shelter care.

To its children, Aamaghar has provided a healthy environment where they can learn by self exploration what support their overall development: physical, emotional, social, moral, and cognitive. We pay attention to the creative development of children. It is not just the education but development center also. It adopts play-way and child centered approach. Love and respect is core value. In this way, the children are prepared for the school; raising the possibility for them to move on to regular schools with right foundation to build their own future. FNV is closely working with Light of Life, and NDA to achieve quality education goal through Aamaghar Pathashala.


The major objective of the project is to provide quality care and education for 100 children those are helpless or underprivileged and at risk to be trafficked. Some specific objectives are:

  • Provide early childhood development facilities, daycare and night care.
  • Provide quality education.
  • Ensure softy of the children in absence of their parents.
  • Strengthen children’s families in need.
  • Mobilize community to address holistic development need of children.