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About Nepal

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is located in South Asia. It is a landlocked country flanked on the north and south by China and India respectively. Nepal’s ecological zones run east to west about 800 km along its Himalayan axis, 150 to 250 km north to south. The country is divided into three […]

Welcome to Our Web Site

Friends of Nepali Villages (FNV) is a non-governmental organization, raised to empower the people of the rural communities of Nepal. Prime goal of our organization is to bring about long-lasting, self-sustainable and socio-economical benefits to the needy and low income communities. We endeavor to create awareness among the local inhabitants, mobilize their available time and […]

Women’s Initiative For Better Livelihood

Population of Nepal as of census day, June 22, 2011 stands at 26.6 millions. Tarai (southern plain area) constitutes 50.15 percent of Population while hill constitutes 43.1 percent and mountain 6.75 percent. Sex ratio is estimated to be 94.41 (male per hundred female). Absent population of Nepal is recorded as 1.92 millions. Out of total […]